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It turns out we can blame the stars for this period of unrest, specifically The Saturn Return - and it's all down to your natal Saturn sign which you can find out on the table below. An astrological event, duh.

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It takes about Its echoes though can be felt into our early 30s as it takes 2. What fun! There's even a second and possibly a third for the long-lifers Saturn Return that hits us between ages , too. The Saturn Return is kind of a rite of passage into adulthood.

What Even Is Saturn Return?

Saturn is the "task master" planet - it rules Capricorn , who are the most ambitious, hard-on-themselves and conscientious people around. So you better be ready to grow up. During the Saturn Return you will face down your demons. You'll reflect on your path so far and whether it has been worthwhile and good enough.

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I know right, pass the prosecco STAT. That's no bad thing, frankly. It also serves to help you acknowledge that time and opportunity are not endless, and that youth fades gulp. Heed this task master of astrology, people, and you can change your life, for the better. Big questions will come up like, "What do I contribute? Maybe when you least expect it. So, set time aside for rumination, inspiration and relaxation. Just see what comes forth and work with each piece of the jigsaw. Indeed, if anything, the influence that the Saturn Return brings to romance is to get more pragmatic about it.

Do your partners share your life goals or values?

What kind of partner is going to be help you fulfil your aims right now? If stability and nesting is your focus, is your current partner the right one for that journey? Is that a bad thing? To be genuinely clear on what we need in a partner? Probably not. So, career is a big area of impact. And, a weird quirk, people often end up pursuing a career that matches their sign in Saturn, rather than their Sun sign, so pay attention to that more on that later. We spend a lot of time at work. Go find your niche, occupy it, and own it.

This is the key to making the Saturn Return work for you: finding your groove and getting serious about making it a reality in your real life. Find your natal Saturn sign by looking up the date on or before your birth on the table below:. Once you have figured out what sign your natal Saturn is located in, you can use the dates below to determine when your Saturn Return will or did.

For example, if your natal Saturn is in Capricorn, then your Saturn return will occur between December 19, and December 16, Depending on your Saturn sign, the life lessons and growing up process you encounter during the Saturn Return can take a different slant. This will change as you mature, and you learn to temper your thrusting drive with listening to, and learning from, others.

Great careers to pursue?

Everything You Need to Know About Saturn Return

Anything sports or performance-related, leadership roles, motivational coaching. When the stakes are high you can keep your head. All Taureans value quality and desire luxury, but are you living the right life to manifest these 'Five Star' dreams? A natural laziness can be your worst enemy. In order to get the lifestyle to crave, use your daydreams to visualise it and your determination to pursue it.

Anything related to money, property, hospitality, beauty or food! You Taureans have a natural eye for the material world, appearances and home comforts. Your confidence to recognise, acknowledge and act upon your own desires grows as you mature.

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  • The Saturn Return and Its Significance in Astrology.
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Saturn Cancerians seem to literally take on their crab persona and construct a tough shell to protect them from the world. This can manifest as extreme shyness, a reluctance to leave home, a defensiveness, and an extended youth. Great careers? A natural protector of others because you know how it feels to be hurt leads you to careers in healthcare, teaching, care-giving and hospitality.

A wonderful imagination can also nudge you into the arts. Leos love to show off and indulge in the high life, but this sign in Saturn can hint at excess driven by self doubt and performance anxiety. Finding your own voice and confidence, and a balance in life between work and play is your path to follow. Creativity is a fuel which can lead you into the arts, crafts or onto the stage.