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Adriana invited him in — even though she had her doubts, after all, he was tall, dark and handsome and it seemed a hell of a waste if what he said was true.

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Sitting across from him she started to tell him about the room, the terms and conditions, but he seemed pre-occupied with looking at her long shapely legs. Steve slipped off his shoes and stretched himself out on the bed. She began to panic.

He gasped and then awkwardly slipped his arms around her waist and crushed his lips against hers. She began to undo the buttons on his shirt as his hands moved up inside her top to grasp her soft warm tits.

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He sucked them, stroking the base of her breasts as he did so and then his hand moved slowly past her smooth white belly and made contact with her flower. His finger slipped into her moistened grove and then he shoved it deep inside of her. Positioning his other hand underneath her bum he gently played with the lips of her cunt as he continued to search for her G spot with the other.

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  7. When she regained her composure she immediately went down on his enormous boner and took as much of it in her mouth as it was humanly possible. She slipped up and down his shaft with her fingers fondling his balls as she did so. When he did, she took his load into her mouth and swallowed it. Steve, dripping with perspiration let out a primeval yell that made the crystal baubles on the bedside lamp jingle like Christmas bells.

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    She dug her nails into his back and sobbed as though it was almost too much for her. Before her body stopped quivering he slipped off the bed, grasped her ankles and dragged her into position so that he could drive his throbbing cock into her. Looking down at her beautiful body with her tits swinging from side to side he went into a virtual sexual frenzy.

    Morley tells the story of a female submissive who has to meet her male master's ex-wife and pass a test: one including a first-time lesbian encounter and lots of juicy cunnilingus.

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    But he can't stop thinking about trying a big taboo -- cunnilingus. What does that make him? This is a gripping tale of first-time male on female cunnilingus, where a straight couple picks up a gay man. But to his surprise, he can't resist her at all, and what ensues is a dirty game of "how far will they go. In these dreamy, lyrical moments between two lesbian lovers, a woman completes her Italian vacation with many trips between the thighs of a gorgeous Italian waitress.

    A night in a punk club turns into an unforgettable, heated tryst in a bathroom stall for two punk girls that discover lust at first sight. She loves to eat candy, she looks like a treat, and she even smells yummy, but how does Emma taste? Find out when this sweet little morsel meets her match in the new gal at the office. Staying in a hotel will never be the same when you see what happens between a restless lesbian and room service.

    A roving cosmetics saleswoman wanders into a wealthy neighborhood and gets something better than a sale when she encounters a randy maid. Ever want to make your fantasy sexual encounter with a celebrity come true? This butch lesbian tries, and with surprising results. But when she surprises him and takes complete control of his body, Tanya's Tongue , he gets a literal tongue-lashing that makes him see stars. This unpublished piece by Thomas Roche is a great story for couples, and would've been in Sweet Life 2 if I didn't already have a great Roche story in it With Second Breakfast Xavier Acton turns in a hot story with a couple who doesn't need to be squeaky clean to enjoy analingus, and another "I could've published it in Sweet Life 2 " piece of erotica.

    Kinky and cute, she gets what she deserves in the end. The best man at a wedding can't wait for the wedding to be over -- until he makes eye contact with a beautiful girl, and suddenly he's wondering just what she'll say "I do" to In another exerpt from Tyler's popular Bondage on a Budget anthology, a woman gets to bed a sexy rock band front man, and much to her delight, he's into kink.

    A hunky guy in panties, a spanking, and some girl-on-guy rimming round out this selection.

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    In a timeless moment on a balcony in Los Angeles, a woman experiences some otherworldly sex with another woman. Slightly haunting, with a nice rimming encounter. The women's erotic fantasy genre got a very explicit, highly literary update in my collection, Lips Like Sugar: Women's Erotic Fantasies. The chances these women take, the impulses they act on, and the forbidden taboos they explore on their own terms are experiences you won't find in any other erotica collection.

    Audio: download the MP3 :: listen now. Free, from Best Women's Erotica :.

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      I'm not exactly sure why, but my publisher just can't keep up with the sales demand for Best Women's Erotica -- not that we're complaining! Free, from Best Women's Erotica ' In it, a woman moves into her new apartment and discovers quite a view -- and it's the first Open Source Sex podcast to feature man-on-man action. Read the book's introduction here.

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